Technology-based assessment of balance and mobility post-stroke


Clinical assessment of balance and mobility after stroke primarily relies on observational rating scales. We want to know if we can use technology (force plates, pressure mats, mobile technology) to provide more specific and quantitative information about balance and mobility, and to better inform clinical interventions to improve balance and mobility post-stroke. We are working on these assessments in partnership with the Mobility Innovations Centre at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.


This work is currently unfunded.


Rabea Aryan (PhD student)

Andrew Huntley (post-doctoral fellow)

Gabriela Rozanski (former post-doctoral fellow)

Elise Belhacel (former visiting undergraduate student)

Cynthia Campos (former undergraduate co-op student)

Rosh Rajachandrakumar (former undergraduate co-op student)

Alison Schinkel-Ivy (former post-doctoral fellow)

I am not currently recruiting new trainees to work on this project


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